Bering Clothing

Bering is a French manufacturer of motorcycle clothing that was created in 1951. They have stuck to their roots of creating the very best protective motorcycle clothing for all riders. At the time of creation, they also owned a subsidiary company which specialised in creating clothes for sailors who regularly experienced adverse weather conditions.

Creating clothing for sailors who live in vigorous conditions, requires efficient, manoeuvrable and comfortable clothing; all these qualities can be found in their products. Bering clothing has evolved over the years and now provides you with the ultimate solution for motorcycle clothing; style, creativity, protection and exceeding expectations.  


Reliable Motorcycle Clothing

Years of experience have ensured that Bering has remained in front of their competition in the industry; they are now one of the market leaders in efficient motorcycle clothing. Because Bering Clothing is manufactured to the highest standards, many of the jackets and trousers come with an extended warranty of 3 years, whereas, all Bering Clothing that is constructed using Gore-Tex material, can come with an extended 5-year warranty.

Bering motorcycle clothing covers all varieties of riders; whether you are a motorcycle veteran, a racetrack professional or even a first-time rider, you can find the motorcycle gear that you can rely on within our Bering category.


Bering Clothing at Bikerheadz

Here at Bikerheadz , we are proud to have such a quality motorcycle clothing manufacturer on board with us. On Bikerheadz you will find a full range of Bering Clothing including Bering Airbag, Bering Jackets, Bering Trousers, Bering Gloves, Bering Accessories, Bering Boots and Bering Suits. If you need assistance in choosing the best Bering stock for your store, the motorbike experts at Bikerheadz are here to help.


Caring for Gore-Tex Bering Textile Clothing

To ensure the longevity and condition of your Bering Clothing, the correct methods of care need to be taken:

  • Check care instructions for each garment.
  • Remove protectors and personal items before washing.
  • Machine wash following the instructions on the Storm Ultimate Wash and Proof Kit which is ideal for Gore-Tex gear care. 30° is fine for general use. Use both products in the same cycle. For intense care, use both products separately.
  • Put only one garment at a time in the washing machine. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry according to care labels and instructions.
  • Iron at low temperature (no.1 setting) or tumble dry at low temperature (max 55°C) one item at a time to maintain water repellent finish. Do not iron over the reflecting areas.
  • Do not bleach.

Caring for Non Gore-Tex Bering Textile Clothing

To ensure the longevity and condition of your Bering Clothing, the correct methods of care need to be taken:

  • Check specific care label instructions for each product.
  • Remove all protectors and any personal items before washing.
  • Hand wash in warm water following the bottle instructions on Storm Outdoor Clothing Wash, which is ideal for Bering garment care.
  • In some cases, you will need to rinse the Bering Clothing twice to completely remove all the detergent
  • Drip Dry away from direct heat.

 Bering Clothing truly is one of the best motorcycle clothing manufacturers and you can find an extensive range of their products on Bikerheadz today.


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