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Features of the Lindstrand Bergby Motorcycle Glove

Safety First: The Bergby glove doesn't skimp on safety. It comes equipped with reinforced sections, especially in the palm and finger areas that are most prone to injury. The hard knuckle protection ensures that in the event of an accident, the rider's hand has a solid barrier against impact.
Comfort and Fit: Designed with the rider's comfort in mind, the Bergby glove offers a snug fit. It incorporates flexibility without compromising on protection. The adjustable wrist closures ensure that riders can achieve a fit that's just right for them.
Quality Material: In true Lindstrands fashion, the Bergby glove is crafted from premium materials. Whether it's high-grade leather or durable textiles, riders can be assured of a glove that lasts.

Aesthetics:. Beyond functionality, the Bergby glove is a testament to Lindstrands' commitment to style. It boasts a design that is both sleek and functional, making it a favorite among riders who don't want to compromise on looks.

Product info

  • Long durable glove in goat leather with ara-mid fibre reinforced kangaroo leather in palm
  • Hard protection on knuckles and wrist
  • SuperFabric parts inthe palm
  • HI-ART reinforced palm area
  • CE certified to level 2

  • Size
  • Men 9-14

  • Specs


    CE ApprovedCE Approved




    Warranty Years1 Year Warranty

    WaterproofNon Waterproof