Falco Boots

Gianni Falco is a renowned motorcycle boots manufacturer that has been in the industry for over 20 years, bringing a great deal of experience to the table when it comes to knowing what a motorcycle rider needs. Falco motorcycle boots combine both style and safety into the design of their products to provide a practical and stylish solution to every motorcycle rider. However, due to their distinct Italian influence, you will get a European style that boasts superior functionality and comfort.


Motorcycle Boots Built to Protect You

Falco boots are leading within the motorcycle industry and it’s no wonder due to the amazing properties they possess. The Falco boots feature the unique patented impact protection technology known as D30. This feature enables the Falco boots to have great shock absorbing properties to keep your feet protected whilst riding your motorcycle. To add to this, all Falco boots are manufactured using the highest quality Italian materials to provide luxurious comfort, in addition to the shock absorbing protection. Within most of the Falco boots range, you can find a High-Tex advanced membrane that is tested thoroughly to ensure that the boots are waterproof.


Falco Boots at Bikerheadz

Here at Bikerheadz , we are proud to have Falco boots on board with us as they’re comfortable, offer the ultimate protection and allow you to remain looking stylish as you’re riding your motorcycle. To ensure that we have a pair of Falco boots for all riders, we have a huge selection available and this selection includes Falco Vintage Boots, Falco Adventure Boots, Falco Urban Boots, Falco Ladies Boots and Falco Touring Boots. Whether it be riding on the road, on track or off road, you can be sure that you will find the perfect Falco boot for you at Bikerheadz .


Making the Most of your Falco Boots

Alone, Falco boots are a force to be reckoned with, however, with the correct Falco accessories in place, they will be unbeatable. At Bikerheadz , we offer a range of socks including compression, carbon and tourer socks to ensure that your feet are comfortable inside your Falco boots. We also stock a range of buckle kits, gear pads for men and women, slider kits, replacement soles and more.


With the right Falco boots and the accessories to accompany them, you’ll have a pair of motorcycle boots that will last for many years. Get them from Bikerheadz today and ensure that your store has some of the best motorcycle boots in the world.

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