Shift-It launched in 1994 and became the first company in the UK, and possibly even the world, to produce products specifically designed to clean motorcycle helmets and visors. These products can be used quickly, efficiently and on the go to ensure that your motorcycle helmet is always pristine and fresh. Considering the composition of modern motorcycle helmets varies from polycarbonate, carbon fibre, Kevlar, fibreglass or even a combination, creating these products was no small feat. You can rest assured that by using Shift-It products to clean your helmet it will be clean and streak-free no matter the composition.


Shift-It Helmet Care at Bikerheadz

Here at Bikerheadz , we are proud to stock an affordable but effective brand of motorcycle helmet cleaning products. Shift-It provides an extensive range of motorcycle helmet care products including cleaners, polishers, anti-fog cleaners, sanitisers, cleaning cloths, visor wipes and even a complete helmet care kit, all of which are available at Bikerheadz .

Shift-It Helmet Care Kit

The Shift-It Helmet Care Kit is the perfect accessory kit to take on the go and has compact packaging, therefore, it can be easily stored underneath your seat or inside your leathers. Your motorcycle helmet is one of the most important pieces of your motorbike gear, so it needs to receive the proper care and attention.

The Shift-It Motorbike Helmet Care Kit at Bikerheadz consists of:

  • Lining Sanitiser – This ensures that your helmet remains fresh by spraying the lining, even in the hot weather.
  • Visor Cleaner – This removes any dirt and grime that may have built up underneath your visor, giving you a clear view of the road ahead.
  • Polishing Cloths – These specialist cloths assist in the application of the cleaning products, removing any residue for an even finish.
  • Anti-Fog – If you don’t have an anti-fog visor built-in, then this product is great for providing a layer on your visor that prevents your vision from being impaired in foggy conditions.


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