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Scorpion and uClear experts worked closely to create the perfect intercom for your Scorpion helmet.

The EXO-COM Communication System. Lightweight, well designed and easy to-install, the EXO-COM integrates Bluetooth 5.0 technology allowing you to connect several devices at the same time (smartphone, GPS, mp3 player…).

Thanks to the DynaMESH communication network, you can chat up to 4 riders without being interrupted by the departure or the arrival of one of them : no more need to stop to reconnect everyone with the group, a single push is enough for your entire trip.

The EXO-COM Communication System is designed to fit to the following helmets in the Scorpion range:-

  • EXO-930 Smart (helmet comes complete with EXO-Com)
  • EXO-520 Smart (helmet comes complete with EXO-Com)
  • EXO-930 (helmet ready for EXO-Com)
  • EXO-520 Air (helmet ready for EXO-Com)
  • ADX-2
  • EXO 230

  • The standalone EXO-COM kit (not the version supplied with SMART models) comes with an adapter kit which allows the unit to be fitted to the following helmets in the Scorpion range:-

  • EXO HX1
  • EXO-TECH Carbon (not standard EXO-TECH which has different size ear wells)
  • EXO S1 (we don’t stock this model)

  • Scorpion won’t warranty the unit if fitted to any other model or brand.

    Also note that the adhesive works only for a single use application.


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