Halvarssons Mens Gloves


Motorcycling and Motorcycle garments are our passion

Our gloves are made from the highest quality leather and most durable textiles, often in a combination giving you the benefit of the different materials. The gloves are divided into three separate sub-categories, All-season, Warm and Cool gloves. All-season stands for waterproof gloves with no or very little insulation. Warm means insulated waterproof gloves and Cool means non-waterproof summer gloves.

Halvarssons was established in Malung, a little town in the backcountry of Sweden where since the mid-1940’s, the finest Scandinavian motorcycle garments have been made. This tradition continues to live on in Halvarssons. Based on a firm foundation of craftsmanship, passion for detail and the highest level of protection, Halvarssons has always continued to develop its leather and textile motorcycle garments using only the finest quality materials and features to accommodate and protect You.

The WE CARE mentality in our company and in our work is present at every level. From design to production and all the way to You. The exceptionally strong loyalty, from You, our riders, is the best proof that we do things right.
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