Halvarssons Clothing


Motorcycling and Motorcycle garments are our passion

Halvarssons was established in Malung, a little town in the backcountry of Sweden where since the mid-1940’s, the finest Scandinavian motorcycle garments have been made. This tradition continues to live on in Halvarssons. Based on a firm foundation of craftsmanship, passion for detail and the highest level of protection, Halvarssons has always continued to develop its leather and textile motorcycle garments using only the finest quality materials and features to accommodate and protect You.

The WE CARE mentality in our company and in our work is present at every level. From design to production and all the way to You. The exceptionally strong loyalty, from You, our riders, is the best proof that we do things right.

Halvarrsons secret recipe for success is a century of craftsmanship blended with high technology. The result is motorcycle gear that’s far ahead of the pack. Just ask any of the professional motorcyclists who wear our garments daily. For instance, we have a great response from some of the police forces around Europe. Halvarrsons are almost obsessive in our desire to produce gear that is, as comfortable to wear as it is safe to ride in. It’s why they spend so much time researching fabrics, developing new technologies and different construction methods. It’s an ongoing pursuit. There’s always a way to improve a garment and to improve biker’s lives.
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