Rukka Jackets

Rukka is, without doubt, one of the best and most popular motorcycle clothing brands on the market. Founded in 1950 in an old Finnish farmhouse kitchen, Rukka has come a long way since those early days and can now proudly boast of their global reputation and multi-award- winning product range. The Rukka collection at Bikerheadz is headlined by the very best motorcycle suits that money can buy, whilst being supported by their complete product range including touring gloves, casual wear, base layers and aftercare products to keep your gear fresh and well maintained. So why are Rukka products so good? There are several reasons; From the planning stage, right through to the finished product, Rukka spares no expense in creating the highest quality technical and functional garments not just for the motorcycle rider but also for a range of sportswear and sports accessories. In product development, Rukka work closely with various R&D institutions, whilst collaborating with some of the best material suppliers such as Outlast, Armacor, D3O, 3M, Cordura and Gore-Tex.Flagship products such as the Kingsley, Nivala, Kallavesi, and Suki Pro add enhanced quality to the range with Gore-Tex Pro Laminate construction. This journey to perfection has also seen them create one of the strongest summer mesh suits in the world – the Forsair PRO which is made with Cordura AFT.We are so confident in the Rukka range that we offer a UK exclusive, 6-year warranty on all their armoured, outer garments – you’ll be buying the best in protection on all fronts! Additional confidence for their Gore range of garments comes in the form of the Gore-Tex GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise.It’s also worth noting that not only are Rukka products some of the best on the market, they also look pretty damn cool as well!
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