Schuberth helmets have always been manufactured with the idea that quality prioritises over everything else. Schuberth first began producing motorcycle helmets back in the 1970s and since then, they have designed helmets for police forces, military forces and other areas of motorsport such as F1 racing. Schuberth has specialised exclusively in the production of head protection technology which has secured them as THE motorcycle helmet specialist across the globe.


Exclusive Schuberth Features

One of the reasons why Schuberth helmets are considered the best in the industry is attributed to the fact that they have their very own acoustic and wind tunnels for testing purposes, putting them leagues above many other manufacturers; Schuberth are the only motorcycle helmet manufacturer in the world that can say this.

Being able to crossover patents from different product lines allows these helmets to have unique features that enhance their safety and reliability, ensuring you’re protected for many years.


Schuberth at Bikerheadz

As your wholesaler of motorcycle helmets, we have a great range of motorcycle helmets at Bikerheadz including the leading brand – Schuberth; available to all good motorcycle clothing stockists in the UK and Ireland. You can find a range of flip-front, modular/touring, adventure/touring, open face touring, premium open face, sports/touring and sports/race helmets in addition to intercom kits and all the accessories that your helmet would need.

Whatever kind of motorcyclist you are, there is a Schuberth helmet for all riders at Bikerheadz .


The Quietest Motorcycle Helmet in the World

Bikerheadz is proud to present the quietest motorcycle helmet in the world – the is the leading flip-up helmet for all different types of motorcyclists that want a helmet that provides superior protection and comfort. The touring features a Pinlock 120 anti-fog visor as standard across all helmets in this range in addition to showcasing an incredibly compact shape. With an optimised acoustic design and a new customiseable interior, these helmets are comfortable, stylish and provide the ultimate safety whilst ensuring that your ears are protected.

The is compatible with the Schuberth Bluetooth communication system, the SC2 Comms Kit.


Finding the Right Fit

Helmets come in all shapes and sizes to ensure that all riders can find the perfect fit; the same is true with Schuberth helmets. Unlike clothing that you try on in shops, it’s not as simple as quickly trying on your motorcycle helmet as it can take a while to adjust to the size and shape of the helmet. However, it's extremely important that you get the right sized motorcycle helmet to provide the highest level of protection. With this in mind, Schuberth have developed a customisable interior should you need to alter the interior lining thickness or shape. We recommend that you wear your Schuberth helmet around the home before riding to ensure you have the right size. If you need a smaller or larger size or you need to custom fit, then you should be able to exchange the helmet whilst being within helmet return policy.


Not Just Motorbike Helmets

Schuberth helmets have also been produced for other industries and sectors, this includes protection for firefighters and construction workers. Schuberth also produces various other safety equipment such as ear defenders and cold weather equipment. If you want the complete safety package for a helmet, then Schuberth will not let you down.

Every Schuberth helmet comes with a standard 5 year warranty, now if that isn’t a sign of confidence in quality and durability then we don’t know what is!

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