After Care Solutions

Approved by RUKKA

Product Description
The Storm Wash In Waterproofer (Air Cure) restores original finish to waterproof garments and equipment, no need to tumble dry or iron. This suits all fabric types and is an air curing Wash In Proofer utilising our unique high performance technology requiring no heat. This proofer is best used in conjunction with Storm Wash In Cleaner (these products can be used in the same wash cycle). Once dried, the garment is ready for use, but performance can be speeded up by either tumble drying or ironing.
Usage: Suitable for all fabric types and is air curing.
• Air curing, no heat required • Suitable for all fabric types • Self heal effect on abrasion damage • Concentrated more than other brands • Suitable for all water types • One wash when used with Wash in Cleaner
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