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Lindstrands is a brand with a reputation for producing high-quality motorcycle gear, from jackets and pants to boots and gloves. Originating from Sweden, they have been in the business for several decades, ensuring safety, comfort, and style for bikers worldwide. Their commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the premium materials they employ.
Design and Aesthetics
Lindstrands Hede gloves, at first glance, exude a sense of rugged elegance. Made predominantly of leather, they are designed to look stylish while being functional. The color combinations and the visible stitching patterns give them a vintage appeal, which many motorcyclists appreciate.
Safety Features
While style is essential, the primary purpose of motorcycle gloves is to offer protection. Lindstrands Hede gloves do not disappoint in this department: These gloves feature reinforcements in critical areas. The palm and fingers, which are most vulnerable during a fall, are bolstered with added layers to provide resistance against abrasions. Riding at high speeds can expose the knuckles to potential injury. Lindstrands Hede gloves incorporate hard protectors over the knuckle area, ensuring that they remain shielded from any impact The adjustable wrist closure ensures that the gloves stay in place even during high- intensity rides.
Comfort and Usability
Breathability: Despite being made of leather, these gloves offer excellent breathability. Vents and perforations ensure that the hands remain dry and comfortable during long rides. The design allows for natural finger movement, ensuring that the rider can comfortably grip the handlebars and access controls. In today's digital age, having gloves that are touchscreen compatible is almost a necessity. Lindstrands Hede gloves come with this feature,(NUDUD Touch) allowing riders to use their smartphones or GPS devices without taking them off.
Lindstrands, known for its quality materials, ensures that the Hede gloves are built to last. The premium leather employed not only offers protection but also ages gracefully, looking even more appealing as time goes by. With proper care, these gloves can serve a rider for several seasons.

Product info

  • Warm and durable waterproof textile and leather combination glove
  • Knuckle protection
  • Dryway + functional membrane
  • HI-ART reinforcement in the palm
  • Insulation 180g (40g in palm) Insulation Thinsulate®
  • CE certified, level 1, with knuckle protection
  • Skinfit XTR, technology that keeps the lining in place
  • NUDUD Touch screen technology for best control with the glove on

  • Size
  • Unisex 5-14

  • Specs


    CE ApprovedCE Approved



    MaterialLeather Textile Mix

    Warranty Years1 Year Warranty