The more you ride the more you need to care for your gear. If you don't you could end up with more than just a bad smell, but items that do not perform as well as they should. Keeping yourself as protected as possible while riding is essential.

Motorbike Cleaning Products

At Bikerheadz  we offer a range of maintenance and proofing products and accessories for motorbiking gear. In order to protect the waterproof membrane of motorbike gear, you must use specially formulated products. If the used cleaning product is not specifically for motorcycle attire, it can compromise the effectiveness of the waterproof motorbike clothing, leaving you with an inferior product.

If you are looking to revitalise some older motorbike gear or maintain new gear it is wise to invest in a solution that will clean your motorcycle clothes without damaging them. This will save you the hassle of buying completely new gear. Motorcycle gear is washed infrequently depending on the time spent riding. If you are riding daily, you will need to wash your motorcycle gear at least twice a year.

If you do not keep motorcycle gear in the best condition possible it may deteriorate its quality quicker than if it is well taken care of. When the time to clean your motor gear does come make sure it is with products specially formulated for motorbike clothes.

Storm Motorbike Cleaning Products

Storm waterproofing and cleaning systems contain no soap which means it will not compromise the motorcycle gear. This is because soap can linger in the motorbike gear, attracting moisture reducing the breathability of the membrane. By using Storm products this risk is eliminated, so you can clean your motorbike gear assured that there will be no damage.

Other Cleaning Products at BikerHeadz

Here at Bikerheadz , we offer a range of other cleaning products that will keep your biking gear fresh all year round. All brands have products designed to help your motorcycle gear last, including:


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