Bering Gloves

Bering Gloves

Bering is a French manufacturer of motorcycle clothing and gloves. Their expertise spans over decades and they pride themselves on delivering quality products that produce an exceptional degree of safety, in addition to style and comfort.


Bering Gloves at Bikerheadz

At Bikerheadz< /a>, we stock a large range of Bering Gloves that are suitable for a variety of motorcycle riders. Whether you are an experienced rider, a racetrack professional or an amateur, everyone needs to ensure that they’re wearing the correct motorcycle gear for optimum safety. Many of the Bering Gloves that we have available include, Borneo Gloves, Renzo Gloves, Boost-R Gloves, Derreck Gloves, Raven Gloves and many more. Within our Bering Gloves category on Bikerheadz you will be able to find a range of men’s and ladies’ motorcycle gloves, in addition to a range of Bering Gloves made from the fantastic Gore-Tex material.


Caring for your Bering Gloves

Bering Gloves are made to last, but because they’re created from special fabrics, you need to ensure that they’re appropriately cared for. When machine washing, a low temperature should be used with a basic detergent and no fabric softener. Two rinses may be needed to completely clear the gloves of detergent and the gloves should always be air dried and not tumble dried as this could hinder their protective qualities.


The Bering Gloves at Bikerheadz< /a> are available to all good stockists; browse Bikerheadz today and purchase your stock from a range of the best motorcycle gloves.

You can also browse our full range of Bering Clothing.


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