Bikerheadz can offer Pinlock accessories as an advanced way to protect ears while riding. The speeds that can be reached while riding mean that ears can be damaged by the wind and noise.  To guard hearing and increase comfort some riders need to wear earbuds. Wearing high-quality products means you will get the best protection.

Pinlock Products 


The Pinlock earbuds have advanced technology which offers many advantages over other types of ear protection. This includes precision filters which allow for normal conversation while bringing wind noise levels down to a safe level. Riders can also hear emergency vehicle sirens and approaching vehicles increasing rider safety.



Pinlock offers care kits and earbuds as part of its protection products. However, they also manufacture a range of visors and visor care products. The Pinlock visors work with a range of Schuberth Helmets absorb more moisture and have more impact protection. The total visor system can decrease fogging and make riding a clearer experience.

The high comfort level of these Pinlock earbuds is due to being made from medical grade silicone.  They can be worn for a long period of times without causing pain. They have two sizes to suit different riders with varied ear size a better fit. This makes them ideal for both short and long journeys. They are also reusable which makes them a great investment for those who ride daily. The precision filter is also removable allowing the earbuds to be cleaned easily.


Bikerheadz also has a range of products that offer protection for motorbike riders. There are also products designed to maintain motorcycle gear and increase the longevity of the motorbike clothing. This includes:  


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