Racer Gloves

Designed in Austria, Racer provides gloves for a range of sports including equestrian, ski and motorcyclists. What’s special about Racer is that they have built up a reputation for producing gloves that are specifically designed for the sport that you are taking part in.

Racer is only recently gaining attraction in the UK and we, at Bikerheadz , are proud to be one of the best stockists of Racer gloves in the UK, ensuring that all motorcyclists can own a pair of gloves that are designed for them.


Gloves Designed for Motorcyclists

With over 20 years of experience, Racer has perfected the art of creating gloves for motorcyclists. With an incredible eye for detail and fine-tuning, Racer ensures that all gloves are crafted to perfection by using some of the finest materials available with quality craftsmanship to match. The great aspect about Racer is that they design gloves for all types of motorcyclists and all models of motorbikes, ensuring that all riders can perfectly sync with their motorbike.

These gloves are a perfect way to ride in style, whilst also ensuring that your hands are protected if a collision with the ground occurs.


Materials used with Racer Gloves

Racer is so confident in their gloves, that they can offer generous guarantees through a range of motorcycle clothing stockists; this is due to the materials used to create these magnificent gloves.

Racer uses kangaroo hides to create the palms of their gloves which maximises feel and abrasion resistance. In the knuckles of their gloves, there is titanium implemented which is a low-friction coefficient, therefore, it slides in contact with tarmac, reducing the likelihood of twisting injuries if a fall were to occur.


Racer Gloves at Bikerheadz

Here at Bikerheadz , we are proud to offer a large collection of Racer gloves that we supply to all good stockists of motorcycle clothing with the UK and Ireland. Our assortment of Racer gloves are suitable for all motorcyclists as we have a large budget range, in addition to an extensive selection of styles, ensuring that you can be proud to wear a set of Racer gloves.


Ordering from Bikerheadz couldn’t be simpler and by buying through us, you can be rest assured that all your customers will have a 2- year warranty on their Racer gloves.


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