Roeckl Gloves

Roeckl has a motto of ‘being innovative by tradition, preserving what is tried and tested and improving what is good’. Roeckl stock their gloves globally and they hold many patents for constructing the most comfortable, well-made, lightweight yet protective gloves on the market. Roeckl gloves are a great choice for all motorcyclists.

Jakob Roeckl, the founder of Roeckl gloves was the master leather tailor that discovered how to tan leather, bringing a new way of creating comfortable gloves.


Comfortable Motorcycle Gloves

When you’re riding, gloves are a necessity to keep your hands warm and protected whilst you’re on the road, however, many gloves that are great for protection are thick and uncomfortable, especially over long distances. If you’re looking for gloves that give comfort whilst you’re on the road, then Roeckl gloves are a great investment.

In 1973, Roeckl patented a cut and style to reduce the fabric on the finger seams to provide comfort and durability without adding bulk to the gloves. Roeckl gloves also feature the Coldblack technology; this system allows you to wear dark, black colours without absorbing the heat from sunlight that is associated with wearing dark colours. By wearing Roeckl gloves with the Coldblack technology, you can ensure that your hands will remain cool and sweat-free during summer, allowing you to maintain your grip and handling precision when you’re riding your motorcycle.

Roeckl also offers waterproof and winter gloves, granting you a pair of gloves for all occasions.


Roeckl Gloves at Bikerheadz

Here at Bikerheadz, we have a range of Roeckl gloves for riders that want to ride in style, and these gloves are suitable for motorcyclists with lower budgets available.

The Roeckl gloves at Bikerheadz are designed specifically for motorcyclists, ensuring that the palms and finger grips are in the perfect position for riding.  Our Roeckl glove sizes range from 6 to 10, ensuring that you can stock a large size range of Roeckl gloves for your customers.

No matter what style of gloves you’re after, you can find a comfortable pair of Roeckl gloves at Bikerheadz.


Order your Roeckl gloves from Bikerheadz today to give the motorcyclists of your store one of the most comfortable riding gloves on the market.


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