When searching for high quality motorcycle gloves, Racer are difficult to beat. Racer have over 20 years’ experience in making beautifully crafted gloves. Based in Austria, Racer offer a 2-year warranty on their products which include:

  • High-end Racing Gloves
  • Goretex Touring Gloves
  • Leather Summer Gloves

Racer have a well-deserved reputation for producing specially designed gloves for the motorcycle industry, as well as the equestrian and ski industries. The motorcycle gear that Racer offer cover all seasons which is perfect for those who ride daily or those who are looking for motorbike clothing to keep them cool in the summer.


Winter Motorcycle Gloves, Clothing and Accessories from Racer

During the colder months making sure you are warm while riding your motorbike is vital. Cold hands can limit their functionality increasing the risk of accidents. Investing is well made gloves that keep hands warm while allowing good movement means that the winter season is one you can still enjoy riding your motor bike in.

Racer Rain Wear

Winter is also more likely to bring rain and other harsh weather. The wet and cold combined can really affect riders who do not have good quality motorbike clothing. The water can affect the movement of leathers and make it more difficult to ride. Therefore, Racer rain wear for motorcycle riders is essential. Racer’s rain wear collection includes everything you need to keep you dry when riding your bike, from jackets, trousers and bib trousers.

Racer Accessories

While helmets are designed to keep the rider safe, they do not always protect the rider from cold winds. Racer offer a silk balaclava to help fend off the cold while also being comfortable underneath your helmet.


Summer Motorcycle Gloves and Clothing from Racer

Riding in the summer can be a joyous experience however it is important to still wear high quality protective motorcycle gear. The bulky winter motorbike clothing and accessories can be uncomfortably hot in the sun and difficult to put on and off. However, Racer gloves use the finest material to create gloves that offer good protection whilst still being lightweight. Perfect for those warm sunny days.

The warmer months do not mean that rain won’t make an appearance. Getting caught out in a summer shower while on your motorbike can be an unpleasant experience. Racer rain wear will therefore still be a great investment for the warmer months to keep your leathers dry when the sun and rain clouds collide.


Racer Motorbike Gloves and Clothing at BikerHeadz

BikerHeadz can help you find all the motorcycle clothing you need. We stock high quality brands to meet your motorcycle gear needs, if Racer clothing isn’t quite what you are looking for have a look at the other brands we stock and find your perfect motorcycle protective clothing.

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