Nivala Trousers

The premium Rukka Nivala motorcycle trousers come packed with some seriously impressive features that are sure to exceed your expectations. The outer shell consists of a three-layer Gore-Tex Pro lining which helps prevent you from getting wet during typical British riding conditions.

The Nivala trousers, much like the jacket counterpart, implements thermal insulation in a very different manner to conventional methods. An additional inner down trousers are carried in small pouches and you can simply wear them when the winter days roll in.

Rukka's very own AntiGlide system has also been implemented in these trousers which helps to ensure that your seat does not move unnecessarily during a ride.

Other features include:

  • Leather patches inside the knees for added protection
  • Vents on the thighs for additional ventilation
  • Waterproof pockets for loose objects

Every new pair of Nivala trousers come with a 5 year warranty which can be extended to 6 if you register the product online.

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