Coriace-R Leather Trousers

Rukka Coriace-R Corium + Platinum PantsRain in the forecast doesn't mean that you have to hang up the Rukka Coriace-R Pants thanks to perforated aniline leather Corium+ laminate. This special configuration of leather and waterproofing allows the material to defend against wind and rain while still allowing the leather to breathe. Elastic panels around the groin and back of the knee make it easier to throw your leg over your bike and ride for extended time periods. Match the pants with the jacket for an abrasion resistant full leather suit that doesn't mind the rain. Remove the thermal liner when the weather forecast is mild and add the liner in when the temperatures drop. D3O knee/shin and hip armor come standard from the factory for an exceptional combination of protection from leather and molecular armor.
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