Arma-T Jacket

The Arma-T Jacket has a sleek and stealth like appearance. The Arma-T Jacket is the replacement for the Arma-S and uses RUKKA’s 3-layer laminate Gore-Tex Pro Shell.

The Arma-T uses ArmaCor which is a high-tech Kevlar & Cordura weave used to reinforce the garment and offers the best abrasion resistance of any textile.

The Arma-T Jacket has ArmaCor covering both arms, shoulders and the back making this the strongest jacket in RUKKA’s range.

The Arma-T uses ArmaCor Stretch, which offers the same level of abrasion resistance but with a stretchy and comfortable feel, This means that the Arma-T is more comfortable feel to fit all body type’s.

The Arma-T uses RUKKA’s special grade of D30 Armour with shoulder, elbow and back armour.

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